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 Crank Balls

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PostSubject: Crank Balls   Wed May 14, 2014 10:53 pm

Zero walked along Clockwork threw the main city streets. His goal today was to find the new Dragon Balls he had created. Zero pulled out the dragon radar and clicked the button on top once and instantly a small glowing blip showed up on the screen. “Yes, found one, and it’s not that far away either.” Zero flew fifty meters in the direction of the small glowing blip and saw that he had made his way to a large open field of scrap. Zero searched around the area in which the glowing dot represented. The tall grass of the field made it harder to see where exactly the ball was. Then, zero stumped his toe on something. Zero bent down to pick up the ball and triumphantly held it up. “Success.” Zero stashed the ball in his carrying bag and continued on. Zero was happy he had found the ball, now his dreams were one step closer to becoming a reality, this made zero very happy.
Zero continued to walk as he searched for the dragon balls of Clockwork. Zero walked along the shores of what looked to be a sea of rust. However, no matter what it was the dragon radar was showing that the next dragon ball was submerged somewhere in the vast liquid. Zero waded through the rusty water at first until the water began to reach his neck. Zero took one last look at the dragon radar and then through it back on shore with the rest of his metal gear. Zero dived under the water, it was very dark and he couldn’t quite see. Zero held out his hand and made a small ball of Ki that lighted the way. Zero remembered that the ball was about two feet from where the water started to grow deeper. Zero held the ball of Ki closer as he scanned the area. Then snuggled in a wedge in the floor of the sea was the dragon ball. Zero reached his hand in and ripped out the ball. Zero swam back to the shore, he had just found another dragon ball. Zero put the second ball in his bag with the other and continued to walk along the shore.
The wind blew and the sun shimmered as zero looked out across the open canyon, the next ball was supposedly some were in this canyon. The canyon was home to broken and wrecked Golems. Zero jumped off the ledge of the canyon, zero did a quick flip just for the point of the situation called for it. About half way down the canyon zero stopped himself in midair. The dragon radar said that the ball was right below him. Zero started floating downward. Zero looked at the base of the canyon and thought that the sight of such a beautiful sight shouldn’t have to be secluded to such a confining place. Zero looked around and saw a gleaming shimmer as he neared the third ball. Zero reached out and grabbed the ball that was logged inside a golem’s mouth. When zero pulled out the ball the effect of him removing the ball from its wedged started an avalanche of rusty parts. Zero evaded each piece of Machinery that fell, dodging here and there. Eventually zero was able to escape the avalanche and made it safely back to the top of the canyon. Zero placed the ball with the other two he had already collected and flew on to the next location that was indicated by the dragon radar.
Zero walked along a path in the forest of iron trees, as he followed the blipping sound of the dragon radar telling him which direction the next dragon ball was in. zero walked along keeping his pace as quickly as he could, zero didn’t want to spend too much time in this forest. Zero continued to walk until the dragon radar told him he had to leave the comfort of the iron trail and venture on his own into the thick wilds of the forest. Who knew what could be lurking in these woods, a mechanical bear, rust wolves, demons, monkeys with cymbals, actually monkeys wouldn’t be that bad of a sight there very playful creatures. Zero continued to walk until the dragon radar led him straight into an iron tree. Zero looked up and saw that the dragon balls were smuggled into a large birds nest. Zero climbed the tree and made his way to the branch the dragon balls were on. Once up there zero reached out and grabbed the dragon ball, then a large Mechanical bird almost twice the size of the nest awoke to find that its dragon balls were being stolen. Zero dropped to the bottom of the iron tree and ran for his life. The clanking bird was persistent and followed zero all the way back to the trail. Once where he could take a breather zero raised one hand and shot a beam of pure Ki energy at the mechanical monster. The bird evaded the attack floated in the air for a second flapping its metal wings and then decided the balls weren’t worth the trouble of dying for. “If only it knew what it was good for?” Zero muttered to himself as he continued along the path.
Zero continued along the path in the iron forest, the dragon radar was showing that the fifth dragon ball was also in the forest. Zero walked along the trail of the forest until he came upon a large cave like structure. Zero looked at the dragon radar and saw that the arrow pointed directly into the cave. The cave was very dark and very spooky. Zero imagined the types of creatures he would see in the cave, then he thought maybe he would just meet a large grizzly bear that would tear him a new one for entering his home, but never the less zero had to have that dragon ball. Zero entered the cave and made a small ball of Ki in his hand for a light. The Ki was a bright pink and lighted the cave very affectively. Zero walked along the cave for a few minutes until he came across a large furry creature. “Crap, it’s a grizzly.” Zero said to himself, and right next to the grizzly was the fifth dragon ball. Zero slowly crept over to the grizzly and grabbed the ball. Zero let out a shriek of excitement as he grabbed the ball. The shriek awoke the Mechanical grizzly bear and zero stared at the beast as it stood up to a cowering seven feet tall. Zero ran away in terror as fast as he could. Once outside the cave zero took off and flew away from this dreaded forest. The next ball was about one hundred meters from the forest and zero was happy about that.
Zero flew in the cool breeze of Clockworks air as he headed to the next location of the sixth dragon ball. Zero noticed that this dragon ball was farther north and the landmasses started to end and the icebergs filled with scrap gears started to begin. Zero looked at his trusty dragon radar and saw that the dragon ball was about three clicks north of him, “grate it’s about to get even colder.” Zero flew until the dragon radar started to make a short faint beeping sound, this usually meant that he was getting closer to the dragon ball. Zero set himself down smoothly on one of the icebergs and began to walk around. The ice was cold to zero’s feet and he decided that he didn’t want to stay here too long or else he might turn in to a zero sickle. Zero walked a little further and saw that his prize, the sixth dragon ball, was stuck inside a glacier neatly tucked inside one of the frozen gears. Zero new this was no problem. Zero stuck one hand to the glacier and began to run Ki energy into his hand warming it, making a sort of heater to melt the surrounding ice. It took about two minutes for the whole process to finish but at the end zero reached his hand in and grabbed the dragon ball. Triumphant zero stuck the dragon ball into his bag with the others and flew off in the direction of the next dragon ball.
Zero flew towards the main city of Clockwork and noticed that the Archimedes was right on top of were the dragon radar was showing the dragon ball to be. Zero flew down and landed in the middle of the libraries roof. Zero walked down the steps and saw that there was a flier for “one mystical magical ball”. Zero new exactly what the flier was talking about. Zero hurried to the section that the flier said the ball would be in. zero arrived at the section but saw that the line was enormously long. Zero, being a smart cookie decided to go around back and sneak behind one of the book shelves. Success, zero was behind the display. Once next to it zero saw the ball that was on display in the middle of the Section with no protective casing what so ever. Zero strode over to where the ball was and casually grabbed the ball and stuck it in his bag as fast as he could and walked out of the building. Zero now had all seven of the dragon balls his mission was a success. With all seven balls in place zero decided that now was a great time to summon the great dragon Crank, who was the dragon who appeared out of the Clockwork dragon balls.
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Crank Balls
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