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 The New Patron

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PostSubject: The New Patron   Fri May 16, 2014 7:32 pm

Cyril was asleep in a cornfield on Heaven, wrapped in a green blanket with his wife Lily. The twin suns in the sky of Heaven were hot. The moon carrying the Silver Palace from which he ruled was beautiful. Mysterious lights passed over head while Cyril and Lily slept.
“Welcome to the North Galactic Palace,” someone whispered. Cyril’s eyes flew open and he standing in the courtyard of a magnificent palace. There was a huge, decorative pool in front of the sprawling compound. The palace was Victorian in style and rose about four stories into the cloudy sky. Immaculate green hedges and grass defined the front lawn. Cyril looked to his side and Tantikai was standing beside him in all his teal glory. “You thought we wouldn’t meet again, eh?”
“At least not so soon,” Cyril muttered. “What is this place?”
“This is your castle on a cloud my friend. This Palace is the center of the North Galaxy. You have been chosen as the Patron God for every planet in North Galaxy,” Tanitkai said, speaking softly. “Heaven, Earth, Namek, Vegeta, the whole shebang.”
“Wow… so I’m responsible for the whole galaxy?”
“Yup. You wont be involved in the everyday management, but you’ve been charged with its protection. You’ll reign from here. Everything you need is in that Palace. Er, I should be going, god stuff to do, but there’s a gift waiting for you inside. Good bye Cyril, we will see each other again.” Tantikai disappeared in a burst of light.
Cyril let out a low whistle as he looked around. This place was great. Time to do a bit of exploring. Cyril took a step forward and walked down the pathway to the palace. Cyril strolled up the stairs casually and pulled open the doors. Inside was a pristine, white main hall. A golden chandelier hung down from the high ceiling. A grand set of stairs with gold hand railings led up to the next floor. To either side of Cyril were two archways for the east and west wings of the palace. In the center of the room a Doric pillar rose smoothly from the floor. Atop this pedestal was a small, glass case. Inside the case floated a delicate, silver necklace with a tiny, clear crystal set on the bottom. Cyril approached the case and it dissolved as he reached to open it. Cyril light grabbed the silver necklace by the top end and examined it more closely. He found that tiny swirls were delicately etched around the links in the necklace. The crystal seemed to exude a massive, calm power inside. Cyril cupped the crystal in his hand and it glowed softly. A small plaque rested on the Doric pedestal.
“The Star Phial is a unique and powerful amulet. The chain was forged by one of the first Kai through his own ki. The crystal was once a sun that was harvested and turned into its current form by the same Kai. This amulet serves to increase the user’s ki exponentially.”
Cyril carefully hung the amulet about his thin, pale neck. It was an excellent addition to his current outfit and also his immense power. Cyril wondered how much more was hidden in this mysterious palace of the gods. The pedestal fell back into the ground without a sound. Cyril continued his tour and went up the stairs slowly, with an air of totally accidental regality. Total accident. Cyril reached the top and turned to the right side first. A hallway with a red carpet and a few paintings of the last Kai to rule was before him. Cyril walked down this hall and took the first door on his left. A massive library showed itself to him. Cyril picked up the first book he touched. The spine was hard leather and the pages were trimmed in gold. Fancy. Cyril flipped through the pages idly. The book was titled, “The Call of Outer Planes of Existence and Their Use in Melee.” Interesting. Cyril read the treatise thoroughly. There was some pretty interesting stuff in there, not least of which was the knowledge of a technique called Solar Vortex. Cyril’s hands played absently about the air and a tiny rip appeared. Perfect.

Word Count: 706

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The New Patron
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