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PostSubject: Shio   Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:05 am

Name: Shio Raiza
Pronunciation : Sh-ee-o
Age: 20
Birth Place: Planet Vegeta
Gender: Male
Race: Saiyajin
Current Planet: Planet Earth
Alignment: Good
Biography: With a tired body, and burning eyes and limbs, Shio came back from a fierce battle on an unnamed area on planet earth. A heavy battle it was, many drips of tears and blood had been shed that day, as the mighty saiyan just defeated his brother.

His brother got surrounded by hatred, and got blinded by anger, Shio's attempts to save his mate from this ''curse'' failed. His anger was so fierce that he destroyed there parents and wanted to destroy earth, and would have succeeded if Shio wasn't there to stop him.

He kept thinking of the ''better'' days, when they were still very young kids, no fighting , no wars, no .. pain. That all changed, when they were forced to fight as they were born as saiyans. Shio wasn't very known, but he was still active and certainly very strong, no one recognized his potential though, except for his brother that is. He continued to train with his brother, to get stronger and become noticed by the world and eventually to become the strongest one in the universe and fight by the sides of who they thought was right.

But his brother had other plans, he wanted to destroy planets and force his way into fame, he wanted to become a king, a general, a god. Shio first thought he was joking, but he wasn't. One day when he came back after the saiyan war he made plans and asked Shio to join him. He wanted to destroy the humans and rule this planet, he wanted to kill everyone that did not join him. Of course his and Shio's sister, did not agree. Even though they were Saiyans, he did not want to use his gift for the wrong. Because of anger, and fear shio's brother killed there sister.. After that , the young saiyan knew he had to stop his brother.
Personality: He has no arrogance at all. Unlike all other Saiyans, he was born with no destructive thoughts. Loves fighting a lot. Pure heart.
Other Information: A lot of potential.

Physical Profile

Height: 6"1 ft
Weight: 210 lbs
Physical Appearance: He has got black hair and is pale skinned.

PL: 900
HP: 450
Stamina: 320
Speed: 200
Ki: 380
Aura Color: White
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PostSubject: Re: Shio   Fri Jun 06, 2014 8:31 am

Looks good. Approved.

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