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 Clock balls

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PostSubject: Clock balls   Fri Jun 13, 2014 8:34 pm

Zero walked through a small field that was surprisingly over populated with frogs. Zero pulled out the dragon radar, which was now upgraded so that it would find and locate the dragon balls faster. Zero walked through the field of frogs. One of them stood on its hind legs and stared at zero. Zero paid no attention and walked off. The frog was determined to get zero’s attention, and followed. Zero climbed to the top of a large rock formation where he looked out into the sunrise, he had gotten on Namek just in time. Since zero arrived at sunrise that would mean he had all day to search for the dragon balls. The frog climbed to the top of the formation as well. Zero clicked the dragon radar and instantly picked up on every single dragon ball on the planet. Zero saw that the one closest to him was about two hundred kilometers to the east. Zero jumped off the rock formation and flew in the east direction. The frog was knocked off the formation by the wind generated by zero as he flew away. The frog fell down and became unconscious.
As zero flew towards the first dragon ball he noticed that towns were starting to appear here and there. Zero flew down and landed in the middle of a small town. The dragon ball was somewhere in this town. Zero walked towards the signal and found his self at a shrine for the dragon of the Namekians dragon balls. Zero walked closer and read the description, “this shrine is here by dedicated to the dragon that inhabits the Namekians dragon balls. May he grant the wishes of those who are worthy? And not those of evil like the man named Freeza wanted so long ago.” Zero look at the statue and saw the statue was carved into the shape of the dragon itself. And in one hand sat the four star dragon ball. Zero reached out and grabbed the ball. As zero grabbed the ball and put it into his bag zero saw that the villagers had started to gather around. “So you seek the dragon balls of Namek do you?” Zero shook his head, “well good luck.” Zero waved goodbye and flew to the next ball.
Zero clicked the dragon radar and saw that two balls were fairly close together. Zero speeded in the direction of the balls. When zero arrived at his destination he saw that he had arrived at a tournament style arena. Zero flew above the coliseum and saw the champion holding two dragon balls. Zero swooped in and confronted the man, “hello sir my name is Zero and I require those dragon balls.” The man was mute so he simply pointed at a sign that read. “The winner of the coliseum shall be the victor and therefore go home with the prize. Zero wrote his name on the list and took a fighting stance, “well, come on then, I’m on the list as well and you haven’t defeated me yet.” The man gave the dragon balls back to the referee and swung his left hook at zero. Zero quickly dodged the attack and kicked the man in his ribs. The man fell down instantly and was out cold. Zero took the dragon balls and stuffed them in his pouch, “thanks.” Zero flew off.
Zero had made his way to a cave on the side of a mountain. Zero landed inside the cave and saw that it was very dark. Zero created a ball of Ki to help light the way. Zero walked along the cave and as he did he started to see carcasses here and there, lying on the floor. Zero noticed that the farther in he went the more the meat that was left on the bones was fresher. Zero eventually came to a small edge were the path ended and saw the drop was pretty far down. Zero shot the ball of Ki outwards and enlarged it so it lighted the home room. When the room was brighter zero could see that the next dragon ball was resting atop a large spike like rock. As zero looked more closely he noticed a giant snake was wrapped around the spike like rock. The giant snake awoke from its slumber. “Damn.” Zero flew over and grabbed the dragon ball. The snake now crawled up the large spike and when it got to the top showed it’s ugly fangs at zero, “ yikes you now you could use a trip to the dentist.” Zero pointed out. The snake calmed down and looked ashamed of his teeth, “aww its ok big guy I don’t brush my teeth ether.” Zero showed the giant snake his teeth and the snake fainted with horror. “Well, I never.” Zero said in a polite offended manor. Zero flew out of the cave and on to the next dragon ball.
Zero walked along and found a pond or ocean whatever it was and reached down and found the pond in which the dragon ball was located. Zero reached down and grabbed the ball. However, the ball was stuck, something was holding it down. Zero dove under the water and used a small ball of Ki to light the dark murky water. Zero saw that nothing was holding the ball down it was just stuck in a patch of mud that had hardened over the years into a coral reef. Zero pulled as hard as he could and then realized that it wasn’t a coral reef it was something’s dorsal fin. The giant creature slithered along the bottom of the pond or ocean and snapped at zero. Zero quickly dodged the attack, then swam around as fast as he could around the monster of the black lagoon creating a wurlpool and caused the sea serpent to go flying into the air. Zero followed the creature and could now see it more clearly. The ball was encased in the creature’s exoskeleton that had formed around the ball for years. As the creature was suspended in midair zero used a beam of Ki to cut the ball loose. Zero grabbed the ball and went on his way. Oh yeah, the monster fell on the beach and died seeing as how it can’t live without water. “Excuse me sir, but were with PETA and you can’t do that.” Fine, zero actually helped the monster back into the water where it didn’t die. “Thank you sir, here is your fine for almost writing about a creature that you didn’t save.” Zero took the ticket. “Damn animal rights groups. Zero left the beach and went on his way.
The dragon radar was showing that the last two dragon balls were about twenty yards that away, that’s the way the dragon radar said it. “Where is ‘that away’ I mean there’s North, South, East, and west.” The dragon radar updated the map and the compass now had an arrow that pointed that away. “whatever.” Zero walked, that away, and about fifteen minutes later zero saw two dragon balls lying on the ground and went to reach for one when the frog came up and grabbed hem. Where did the frog come from last time we saw him he was flying through the air. The frog had found a voice translator and began to speak. “Hello, my name if Freddy, Freddy the frog. I am going to use these dragon balls to make myself the most powerful amphibian in the universe and take my revenge alone the man that wiped out so many of my kind. Now, hand over the dragon balls.” Zero laughed and started rolling over. The frog became frustrated and screamed at zero again. Zero was unaffected. The frog was surprised and screamed again, and again, and again, and again. Eventually zero got tired of hearing the frog scream and kicked him away. Zero grabbed the dragon balls and stuffed them into his pouch. Zero flew away.
Word count: 1752


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PostSubject: Re: Clock balls   Fri Jun 13, 2014 9:27 pm

Insert approval directly to rectum.

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Clock balls
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