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PostSubject: Stream-Lining    Stream-Lining  EmptyFri Apr 18, 2014 4:06 pm

Well, the staff has been conferring and we've decided to crack down on somethings. There will be quite a few minor changes going on, and you should make sure to keep up with them for your sake and everyone elses'. Here are just a few things to expect:

Fusions Limits- Fusions can only be between two people. No more than two people can fuse into the same being. Got it? Good. This prevents it from becoming a battle of the alternates instead of mono y mono fights.

Potara Earrings- We will be introducing a permanent fusion option with the upcoming (or already implemented? Idk, I haven't looked) Potara Earrings. Do not use these lightly as the resulting fusion is completely PERMANENT. No take backs. If you are a permanent fusion you can still do normal fusions with other people later.

Rule G5- I'll be frank, we're no professionals. Our rules are at best rudimentary and at worse a simple courtesy. They are riddled with loop holes and we have lots of unwritten rules that seem like stuff we just make up. People ('bout everyone including myself) have been going against the spirit of the rules and so we developed Rule G5 which will be our official bs rule. If a moderator or admin decides something goes against the spirit of the rules or is unfair, we can call a G5 and stop whatever unfairness is going on.

The Death of Techniques- Signature Techniques are really great, I think we all agree. However, with such a flood of them coming in, we run the risk of completely over-complicating the battle system. So to keep this from happening, we have decided to stop making new base techniques. No more techniques can be made except for your own three signature techniques. There may be an occasional addition, as there is a conspicuous lack of high tier techs.

Re-Skins- To give the players a bit more creative license, the suggestion of re-skinning old techs has come up. What this could mean is that once you learn a technique, you can change the way it looks and what it is named but keep the same effects as the original technique. This will be explained later and in more detail if the staff approves it.

Nerfing Instant Hits- We have an overabundance of instant hit techniques and instant dodge techniques. This will most likely be nerfed in the future.

And more!

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