Dragon Ball Shattered Hope IV: A New Hoap

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 "Shattered Hope: The Days of Old"

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"Shattered Hope: The Days of Old" Empty
PostSubject: "Shattered Hope: The Days of Old"   "Shattered Hope: The Days of Old" EmptyTue Jun 24, 2014 12:29 am

It took me a day, but we've got it up! I wanted the Mods to see it before you other people, you know, the only other person that will read this. *Cough* Jisto *cough*. Well, presenting the newest, and oldest, installment to the Shattered Hope series!

The year is 1450 First Era. The place is Universe Forty-Two "A". The Roman Empire has steadily been in decline. The Seraphim have just created their greatest accomplishment, The Ix. The universe is in a strange time of peace. However, below the surface, darkness stirs. Forces work to manipulate and destroy the infantile, mewling civilizations. A strange figure has been spotted, supposedly gathering the only people that could save them.

Will you answer the call? Or will you help the darkness take over all? Perhaps you'll create your own path, taking the universe for yourself. Only time will tell.

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"Shattered Hope: The Days of Old"
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