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 Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin

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PostSubject: Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin   Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 7:27 pm

Emily landed on Uberia in Cyril’s stolen ship. Now, to be clear, Cyril didn’t steal the ship. He wished for it. It had been Emily who had stole the ship from Cyril. That’s why it was called Cyril’s stolen ship. Because it was Cyril’s ship which had been stolen from him. But anyway, Emily landed on Uberia in Cyril’s ship, despite being able to just teleport there using Instant Transmission, and stepped out of the glowing cloud shaped ship. She walked around, completely forgetting what she had come here to do. She was pretty sure it was something important. Emily frowned as she walked around the outskirts of a city. Emily was certain it had been too important for her to forget. Emily walked into the city after minutes of pondering what it was she had forgotten. Perhaps someone here would know what she was here for. I mean, that made no sense but it was worth a shot, right? Emily’s lips pursed in thought as she walked into the city. It wasn’t very crowded for an Uberian city, which was strange since overpopulation was such a serious problem here. In her thought, Emily neglected to see this as she strolled along. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the setting first. The sky was not its normal green-ish smog. Clouds of green could be seen, but it was not half as bad as it was. The buildings rose high into the sky, but no hover cars buzzed above. Instead, birds chirped lightly and the sun shown mostly interrupted. As was said before, the city was well below its normal, crowded population. It was also the year 500 A.Z That’s right. Roughly 75 years in the past. Emily was 75 years in the past. Did you hear that? Emily was 75 years in the past. But of course she didn’t know that. Emily was in the year 500 A.D and she didn’t know it. Did you hear that? She didn’t know. I’m apparently talking to a deaf person. DID YOU HEAR? I’M SPEAKING TO A DEAF PERSON.
But as I was saying, Emily was on Uberia about 75 years in the past and didn’t know it. Now to resume the story.
Emily was strolling along the streets and she ran into a crowd circled about the side walk and jeering. Emily pushed her way through the thick crowd to see what was going on. In the center two women were fighting. They were both pretty banged up and Emily had come in on the conclusion. The first woman had long red hair and was beginning to regret it and the taller one grabbed it and drew the red-head lady toward here. With a tight grasp on the red haired lady, the tall one froze and suddenly her Bio Tuffle form jumped out and invaded the other woman’s head. She screamed and froze. The Bio Tuffle wriggled out and jumped back into her own body. The tall one tightened her grip and threw the other across the street. The crowd roared in excitement and Emily looked shocked. The Invasion technique had been deemed illegal since before she had been born and these people didn’t look the least bit shocked! “I’m shocked and deeply interested!” Emily exclaimed. She was totally going to get this tallish woman to teach her. “Yo, tallish woman, I want you to teach me how to do that! You know, without accidentally killing the victim!” The tall woman wiped a spot of blood from her mouth.
“Sure. Follow me.” The tall woman said as she started walking.
“Awesome! So, what’s your name?” Emily asked as she started following the tall woman whose name she would soon learn
“My name is-“
“My name is.” Here the tall woman paused dramatically. “Slim Shady.”
Emily snorted, “Really?”
“No, but it fit.” Slim Shady laughed. “But no, you can just call me that. My real name stays to myself.”
“So, what are you an assassin?”
Slim Shady remained quiet.
“THAT IS SO COOL.” Emily whispered loudly as they entered a dark alleyway.
“I KNOW RIGHT?” Slim Shady led Emily into some dark building and the lights clicked on dramatically one by one.
“Okay, so we can practice here. I want you in my body.” Slim Shady said.
Emily smothered a laugh.
“Okay, but, no, seriously, get inside my head.” Slim Shady laughed.
Emily’s body dropped as she crawled out of herself. She jumped up and slithered into Slim Shady’s head.
“Okay, tread lightly. If you ruin this body I’ll just take yours.” Slim Shady muttered inside her head. Slim Shady’s true form was a black glob with silver lines.
“Okay, okay, I got this, Slim Shady.” Emily muttered as she crept around Slim Shady’s head.
“Well, this is easier than I expected.” Emily said lightly.
“You’re not done yet, now you have to take some power from me.”
“Oh, easy peasy.”
“Remember, don’t kill me.”
“Oh. Hmm.” Emily shifted about in her head for a moment until she figured out a way to take a spot of power without killing Slim Shady. “Done!”
“Good job. Now get out.”
Emily back tracked a bit and went back into her body. “Whoa, this is cool. So do I keep this power?”
“Nah, it goes away when you’re done with it.” Slim Shady answered. “Oh hey, while you have that power I want to teach you something else.”
“Ooh, what is it?” Emily asked.
“It’s called the Assassin Strike. Pretty dramatic, huh?” Slim Shady flipped her hair out of her face.
“Yeah, how does it go?” Emily asked
“Something like this.” Slim Shady suddenly had her fist in Emily’s gut. Emily doubled over and Slim Shady kneed her in the face and Emily jerked back up. Slim Shady then proceeded to knock Emily out with a flurry of finger punches. Slim Shady picked up the unconscious Emily and took her outside. She set Emily on a wall and left, whistling.
Emily awoke within half an hour. “Awesome!”

Word Count: 1,002

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Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin   Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin EmptyWed Mar 05, 2014 7:41 pm


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Emily Gets Beat Up By An Assassin
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