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 Ryming in the pool

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PostSubject: Ryming in the pool   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:13 pm

A young man named zero, who thought he could be a hero, traversed the universe only to find he had a curse. The madness that swelled inside his head, kept him from being able to even lie in bed. The poor boy was so distraught, that every thought that entered his mind was cast aside and made a new. As his madness grew his own fate had sown its self to the fabric of reality. He had realized his mortality and the evil within sought a way to keep from giving in. Zero sat in the chair that had always been there, however he was starting to lose it and his thoughts were throwing a fit. The ones Zero had were being canceled as he continued to grow mad. “Damn it all this can’t be true, isn’t there some way to begin a new?” Then zero remembered the pool that lay in universe 42A. He typed in the numbers licked split and then he was off to give his body a dip. The ship landed on the planet, “Damn it.” The madness was growing too large so he ran at the pool with a charge. At the edge he stopped the turmoil within was keeping him from making this madness fin. He overcame the thoughts and once in the pool his mind was no longer distraught.
Word count: 229


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PostSubject: Re: Ryming in the pool   Wed Apr 16, 2014 9:17 pm


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Ryming in the pool
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