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 Another planet

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PostSubject: Another planet   Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:43 pm

Zero was reading a book in the slave-I as it flew through the galaxy. Just then a phone rang, zero reached over and pressed the intercom button, “who the hell is it?”
“Zero, it’s me Laetus, from Nova Roma, yea listen we need you to find us another planet that we can use the last one you found was good and all but we just need one more.”
“Oh, alright, yea sure, I’ll find you another planet.” Zero hung up the phone just as Laetus was about to say something. Zero put down the book and floated throughout the cabin of the ship. “Ship scan for any planets that are not on the maps.” The ship whistled as it scanned the galaxy, “Five planets have been detected.”
“Good, set a course for the closest planet.” The ship set a course for a planet that was one light year away. Zero went back and continued to read his book. The ship landed on the planet. The jostle of the landing threw the book out of Zero’s hands and on the floor. “Damn ship.” Zero walked out of the ship to find himself surrounded by villages of small praportion. “Dang, we’ll have to fix this.” Zero flew into the air and raised his palms and sent small beams of Ki at every life form on the planet. Instantly everything that breathed on the planet was dead and left as ashes on the ground. Zero left the ashes there for the saiyans to clean, he just wanted to get back to his book. Zero took out his phone and called Laetus, “Hey, yea it’s me, I got your planet I’m sending the location to you now.”
“Terrific, the money is being forwarded into your account as we speak.” Zero hung up the phone got back on the slave-I and flew off and continued to read.
Word count: 315


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PostSubject: Re: Another planet   Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:52 pm

+21,000 PL; +10,500 Z; +Quest Gains

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Another planet
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