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 balls with stars

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PostSubject: balls with stars   Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:41 pm

Zero landed on earth in the middle of the day around lunch time. He walked around the city just walking, no specific reason. Ok that was a lie, zero had recently pressed the button on the dragon radar and was wondering around west city to find the one that was some were pretty close to his location. Zero turned a corner and looked down an ally way that was dark and scary and looked like it might be inhabited by a child’s nightmares. Zero walked down the alley and the signal grew stronger as he walked. He turned and was standing right in front of an old garbage can. Zero dug through the garbage until he found the dragon ball. He put it in his bag.
The dragon radar was now pointing zero towards the north, some were near the Arctic region. Zero decided it was too far to walk so he flew. Once in the artic zero walked through the treacherous snow and somehow he had picked the day when a blizzard had decided to show up out of nowhere. Zero walked through the snow and traversed the icy ponds. Zero came upon a small lake that was frozen over. When zero walked over the dragon radar made a small noise to alert zero that he was right on top of the dragon radar. Zero smashed the ice and reached down and grabbed the dragon ball. Zero stuck the ball in his pack and followed the radar to the next location.
The dragon radar through Zero in the direction of the central city were the next dragon ball would be found. Zero flew through the air and let the breeze wash over him in a cool chill that made zero shiver. Even though he was from Glacian, every now and then zero would get pretty cold. Zero found himself in central city and actually landed pretty close to the dragon ball according to the radar. Zero walked over to a jewelry store were the dragon ball was on display. Zero walked closer and smashed the window grabbed the ball and got out of there before someone got hurt. Zero clicked the radar and was on his way, he stuck the new ball in the pack.
They say the jungle can be a pretty scary place, well zero was about to find out whether that was true or not. Zero walked through the jungle and on his way he noticed it was pretty dark and found a small broken off branch and lit it a blaze. The fire was warm and lii the dark into a beautiful shimmering light. Zero walked through the jungle and then the radar showed that the dragon ball was off the trail. Zero walked in the new direction and found the dragon ball in a swamp. Zero hovered over the swamp and grabbed the ball. Zero hated this place and flew above the trees. He stuck the ball into his pouch and went on his way.
Zero walked along the road that laid him towards a field, acorn field, “corn fields are awesome.” Zero shouted. He walked along the path way and found himself now walking next to a corn field and the radar was getting a stronger signal. Zero looked out to the field, however he couldn’t see much the corn toward over everything. Zero walked through the field and looked everywhere for the dragon ball. “Dang I’ve looked everywhere for the dragon ball.” Zero thought to himself. Then he remembered he had a radar. Zero clicked the radar and saw that the dragon ball wasn’t too far away. Zero walked closer and then stumped his toe, “oww.” Zero bent down and picked up the ball and packed it up.
The day was almost over and zero was getting pretty tired of running around the globe trying to find the seven balls. Zero already found five of them and had only two more to go. Zero flew over to the shopping district of east city and found the sixth ball on display in a little shop that looked pretty small for the reputation the shop had. Zero walked casually over to the shop whistled quietly and then snuck the ball into his pouch. Zero walked out of the store and then pulled it out of his pack, “yep it’s the real on alright.” Zero was happy that he found the sixth dragon ball and now there was only one more to go. “Almost there, just a little longer.”
Zero continued to walk as he searched for the dragon balls. Zero walked along the shores of what looked to be a sea or ocean or somebody of water. However, no matter what it was the dragon radar was showing that the next dragon ball was submerged somewhere in the vast liquid. Zero waded through the water at first until the water began to reach his neck. Zero took one last look at the dragon radar and then through it back on shore with the rest of his gear. Zero dived under the water, it was very dark and he couldn’t quite see. Zero held out his hand and made a small ball of Ki that lighted the way. Zero remembered that the ball was about three feet ahead and ten feat down. Zero held the ball of Ki closer as he scanned the area. Then snuggled in a wedge in the floor of the sea was the dragon ball. Zero reached his hand in and ripped out the ball. Zero swam back to the shore, he had just fund the last dragon ball.
Word count: 941


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PostSubject: Re: balls with stars   Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:42 pm





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balls with stars
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