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 Hippie Balls

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PostSubject: Hippie Balls   Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:50 pm

Zero landed on Nutopia, the once proud earth moon, now made into a planet of hippies. Zero had come here for one reason, well actual seven reasons, and the dragon balls. Zero walked around the planet and then found the highest point he could. Surprisingly it was a giant bong. Zero stood on top of the bong and tapped the dragon radar. These dragon balls were harder to find since the upgrade only gave you there direction and how close you were not there actual location. Zero flew in the direction that first appeared on the radar and sped in the direction of north. As zero flew he saw that two blips were now on the screen, “odd, it only showed the one just a minute ago.” Zero thought nothing of it and flew in the direction of, now since there was two blips north east. Zero found both the balls and when he reached down to pick them up felt something crawl up his arm. The thing that crawled up his arm was a dirty sock and not some deadly animal that is unless you count the smell of the thing. Zero picked up both balls and placed them in his bag. Zero clicked the radar and flew in the direction of now south. Zero continued on flying when he felt his phone vibrate, “Hello.”
“Zero, it’s Roshi, I need a favor I heard you were on Nutopia, I need you to pick me up some crack.” Roshi said sounding as if he was snorting some already.
“Fine, I’ll see what I can find.” Zero hung up the phone and flew down right over the dragon ball. Zero found himself in a hot spring. Zero walked over threw the bushes only to find that there was a bunch of hippies in the hot springs. They were smoking and drinking, zero even saw a statue of the giant bong in the middle of the whole hot spring. Zero walked over and heard someone called to him, “Hey friend there’s no clothes in the hot spring.”
“I’m not wearing clothes.” Zero replied.
“Oh, carry on.” Zero laughed at the hippie, probably too drunk to see stupid idiot. Zero bent down and reached his hand into the water when he felt something, “Do you mind?” a woman said. Zero had apparently grabbed the woman’s leg. Zero instantly released and then saw the actual ball. Zero grabbed it and surprisingly enough there was two more balls in the area and zero flew over behind the bushes were he found the next two dragon balls. Zero stuffed all three into his pouch and flew up into the air. Zero now flew back to the capital of Nutopia were the next ball was Inside the capital building. Zero maxed out his sneak ability and then entered threw the sky light and grabbed the ball that was hanging below. Just then a man came walking into the room. The man walked by Zero and didn’t even notice a thing. Zero sighed and then noticed that the man hit a switch on his way out of the room. An alarm rang and then the sky light shut snapping the rope in two. Guards swarmed the room and surrounded zero. Guns pointed at his face with locked and loaded on the side of the barrel, zero wasn’t sure if that was a pun or just a warning, and if so to him or to the guards, were they so high they needed warning signs on their own guns? Zero disappeared and then reappeared on the roof. “Oh, wait a minute.” Zero teleported back into the room and grabbed some crack from one of the guards, it was for Roshi. Zero clicked the radar and the last two dragon balls appeared. Zero hurriedly ran towards them, seeing as how they were only three blocks away. Zero turned the corner only to see two children playing with the dragon balls tossing them back and forth. Zero walked over to the kids and then handed them some Slinkys. Zero took the balls and stuffed the rest of them into his pocket. Zero had done it he found all seven Nutopian dragon balls.
Word count: 704


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PostSubject: Re: Hippie Balls   Fri Mar 21, 2014 8:52 pm

Approved, despite glaring grammatical mistakes.

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Hippie Balls
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